Konner Ltd is the industrial engineering company


We produce three types of radiators: aluminum, bimetal and cast iron. In the production of radiators used high-quality raw materials. All radiators are subjected to testing directly in the workplace. Konner radiators quality is confirmed by international ISO 9001-2000 certificate.

Iron radiators

Reliable and practical Konner cast iron radiators are not prone to corrosion. They show minimal requirements to quality of heat medium. The wide range of cast iron radiators allows to choose a model suitable for any apartment, office or manufacturing facility. Our cast iron radiators are popular in Russia, Eastern Europe, USA and Middle East. Cast iron radiators are widely used in the local Chinese market.





Bimetal radiators

Composite (steel-aluminum) Konner bimetal radiators have a complete steel collector that provides the highest durability of heating equipment and ensures its capability of maintaining working pressure of up to 60 atmosphere. In Konner bimetal radiators there is no contact between heat medium and aluminum, which protects is from any corrosion in central heating systems, where quality of water is insecure. Bimetal Konner radiators boast ideal surface, attractive design and high performance. Mostly they are exported to Russia and other Eastern European countries.

  • BIMETAL 80/350

  • BIMETAL 80/500

  • BIMETAL 100/200

  • BIMETAL 100/500

Aluminium radiators

Fine Konner aluminum radiators provide the best heat diffusion index of all types of radiators. They can hold high working pressure. We produce die-cast (premium-class) and extruded radiators. These radiators are mostly supplied to the European market.

  • LUX 200

  • LUX 350

  • LUX 70

  • LUX 80

  • LUX 100