Konner Ltd is the industrial engineering company


Faucets Konner produced from high quality brass and have a reliable nickel-chrome finish that provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and an impeccable shine. All models equipped cascading plastic aerators, making the jet more soft and provide resistance to the formation of lime deposits and clogs. Products pass multilevel control at all stages of production, which allows to keep the quality at a high level. In particular, the faucets are checked on the strength of water pressure 1 .6mpa and kept finding in the brine for 200 hours.

  • Lingen line

  • Stark line

  • Kettel line

  • Helix line

  • Krono line

  • Blitz line

  • Basis line

  • Solo line

  • Doppel line

  • Edel line

  • Classic line

  • Element Quarz line

  • Element Cross line