Konner Ltd is the industrial engineering company

Medical equipment

Konner company offers a multifunctional medical beds with electrical and mechanical drive. In the range of a wide range of hospital beds with different features and characteristics.

Diverse medical furniture in metal and plastic with shock-proof coating.

We offer high quality operating tables. Mechano-hydraulic model is a new cost-effective solution with full functionality, enabling various surgical operations. Tables are designed with the expectation of lifelong complication facing medical challenges and provide efficient, convenient and safe positioning of the patient.

Advanced anti-scald bed with fluidized effect that generates a low contact pressure on the surface layers of the body. Equipment eliminates squeezing vessels contact area, which improves the process of regeneration of the affected area.

Skin perforators. High-tech medical tools for cutting and perforation of skin grafts with skin and plastic surgery, as well as for the cutting of dead skin tissue.

Anti-decubitus mattresses intended for treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers in patients with an extremely high degree of risk, mobility impaired, in the conditions of intensive care or at home.

Non-invasive cardiac output monitor provides continuous issuance data in real-time and flexibility of choice seats overlaying the electrodes.