Konner Ltd is the industrial engineering company

Computer automation equipment

Components for industrial computers meet the stringent requirements of protection against the effects of aggressive environment, shock, vibration, temperature. We supply the processor board, chassis, power supplies, passive cross-boards, workstations, Panel PC.

Automation equipment is a programmable controllers with i/o modules and man-machine interfaces for HMI. The equipment allows to control various processes at work to produce the digitization of analog, digital, and video signals, visualize all processes at special graphical panes of the operator. For automation of production we offer: programmable controllers, HMI operator panels, i/o modules, i/o boards, capture cards.

Mobile industrial computers allow to conduct field work in harsh climatic conditions where conventional office counterparts fail with calculations. We deliver secure laptops,protected tablets, protected PDA.

Active communication equipment Industrial Ethernet standard was developed for use in the service conditions requirements performance and reliability. We are ready to equip any industrial enterprises the following equipment: industrial Ethernet converters COM ports in Ethernet multiport serial board, RS-232/422/485 or CAN, USB hubs and converters, converters and repeaters interfaces, embedded communication computers, GSM/GPRS/LTE modems, IP surveillance.

Embedded computers for industry, characterized by minimal dimensions and funless layout used in road, rail and energy.

Server management systems help to monitor and manage power consumption, servers and IT equipment in data centers. Remote access devices, including KVM and KVM-over-IP switches, console servers provide a guaranteed control of server resources critical to application crashes.

Peripherals for industrial computers represents the industrial monitors, industrial keyboards, industrial Flash drives, LCD console. These devices is an integral part of the management process input and output information to any production. In a number of industries in demand protection, water resistant, mildew protection from exposure to corrosive materials.